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Hi! I'm Ian Jagelman, Program Director - Master of Leadership

By promoting transformative learning and practical emphasis, AC provides a truly exceptional experience. 

Good leadership is fundamental to the growth of any church. Alphacrucis seeks to equip leaders of influence in our growing movement for the cause of Christ.

A Unique Educational Journey


- Dr Ian Jagelman

Start your course with a look into what makes us Christian. Formalise your view of the world from a theological perspective and learn how to work with and identify complementary and contradictory arguments.

Start with a Christian Worldview

"Leadership builds churches. Ministry builds people."

The design of this course brings both the spiritual journey and the leadership skills together. Our goal is that from the very first class you will be able to take home something that will help and change your church.

Our leadership programs will produce graduates with in-depth understanding of leadership, integrated with Christian worldview, vocation and community standards. Graduates will be equipped with advanced leadership theory and be able to apply this in practical settings, as well as developing skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication. From Senior Leaders to those new in leadership roles, the content and methodology gives immediate take home value.

Equipping Leaders For The Cause

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In Psalm 78:72 we read, concerning the kingship of David over Israel, that he shepherded them with 'integrity of heart', and 'with skilful hands he led them' (NIV).